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Increase Stress Tolerance

You either deal with stress. Or stress deals with you, is probably the most insightful wellness tip I’ve heard. Ever.

 The simplest solution to learning how to live with stress, is not by getting rid of it. But by learning how to increase your tolerance towards it. Do it in 6 simple steps:

  • Sleep 7-8 hrs. regularly.

Don’t be lazy and sleep more than this, you are wasting a time. Too little sleep and you are slowly killing yourself.

  • Diet

Be reasonable, a peanut a day is not fasting, its starvation. Also, just because you had a diet coke doesn’t mean you should eat the whole pizza.

  • Exercise

Gyms are expensive I know... But walking is free, try it out.

  • Alcohol

A glass of whiskey helps with digestion after a meal. Having all 7 drinks at once will have you texting your ex all night and puking at the thought of it in the morning.

  • Do nothing

No smartphone, smart TV, smart speaker. Basically, find all the dumb appliances or furniture and chill with them for a while. This will give you a nice reset.

  • Breathe

Heard Anna Nalicks’ Breathe? No? Try it out, she’s helping you out. Breathing will reduce your anxiety and help you think clearer.

 Increased mindfulness equals, increased stress tolerance equals, increased ability to handle bad situations.

 Just breathe.


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