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Oolong Wise Concentrate - Crisp Tropical Oolong Tea

Oolong Wise Concentrate - Crisp Tropical Oolong Tea

Oolong Wise Concentrate - Crisp Tropical Oolong Tea

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Blended with Spicy Cinnamon & Sweet Hibiscus - Coffee Alternative w/ Natural Caffeine L Theanine for Jitter-Free Focus
8:1 Ratio Makes 1 Gallon -  16 - 8 oz Cups
    • TRANQUILITY - Smooth tasting Jitter-Free Keto Coffee Alternative, goes well with milk. This stimulating oolong concentrates have have 7 mg of L Theanine per 1 oz, an anti-stress amino acid that helps keep you on task.

    •  ENERGY  - This Oolong Tea Blend has 26 mg of caffeine per bag to increase alertness. Also considered an ancient slimming tea in China, caffeine has a known appetite-suppressing effect.

    • LONGEVITY -  The Thriving Cell blend includes Japanese Knotweed and B3, both of which have been shown in studies to promote longevity and overall cellular health. Together, these natural ingredients offer a unique and effective way to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

    Blended By Sommeliers, Backed By Scientists Our Teas Are Blended By Sommeliers Using The Finest Ingredients, Scientists Make Sure Our Teas Are Packed With Micronutrients That Will Benefit Your Body.


    I loved the tea! It wakes me up without the jitters! It’s been a great transition from coffee! Will definitely be buying more!

    Rosa V.

    Loving this oolong tea, it has a great taste due to quality ingredients and has been a great alternative to coffee. A big plus is that one bag can be used to brew 2 cups. Will definitely be buying this again.

    Angelica H.

    Enjoying some Oolong Wise from Klevrtea! Strengthens my immunity betters my focus and helps reduce my anxiety.

    Melissa C.
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