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Qulcan Kava Kava Elixir

Qulcan Kava Kava Elixir

Qulcan Kava Kava Elixir

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Kava Kava is made to relax the body without hampering cognitive ability.

This tastes like a healthy ginger shot from a healthy grocery store. There is a noticeable bitterness at the end, this is the Kava Kava taste. 

First drink will usually numb the mouth for bit, after that just sit back and wind down. 

*We don't recommend you drink this before driving or operating heavy machinery*


I loved the tea! It wakes me up without the jitters! It’s been a great transition from coffee! Will definitely be buying more!

Rosa V.

Loving this oolong tea, it has a great taste due to quality ingredients and has been a great alternative to coffee. A big plus is that one bag can be used to brew 2 cups. Will definitely be buying this again.

Angelica H.

Enjoying some Oolong Wise from Klevrtea! Strengthens my immunity betters my focus and helps reduce my anxiety.

Melissa C.
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