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Klevy Tea

Fresh Brewed Artisan Tea | To-Go

Fresh Brewed Artisan Tea | To-Go

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Temperature: Hot (12 oz), Iced (16 oz)
Varieties: Kava Slumber (NOTE: Contains Kava), Oolong Wise, Yerba Zest
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Artisan Tea Varieties

Oolong Wise: Begin your journey with the sophisticated layers of Oolong Wise. A blend that celebrates the ancient wisdom of oolong tea, enhanced with cognitive-supporting herbs, it's your perfect companion for clarity and focus. Let each sip invigorate your senses and guide you to a state of mindful alertness.

Kava Slumber: As the day unwinds, Kava Slumber awaits to soothe and tranquillize. A blend revered for its ability to promote relaxation and sleep, it combines the calming properties of kava with the gentle embrace of chamomile and lavender. Prepare for a peaceful voyage into dreamland, where restorative sleep becomes your nightly ritual.

Yerba Zest: Awaken to the vibrant energy of Yerba Zest. A spirited blend that celebrates the vitality of yerba mate, infused with a burst of citrus zest. It's crafted for those who seek to embrace each day with enthusiasm and vigor. Yerba Zest is an ode to vitality, invigorating your body and mind with every cup.
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